Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Standing Against the Wind (RJ1)

In Standing Against the Wind Patrice is taken, by her mother, from a home she loves with her grandmother and ends up living with her aunt. In this new place she faces ridicule by her peers, harassment, and chores galore. She has a tough time standing up for herself, but everything begins to change when she meets Monty, a boy who lives in the same building as her aunt. With Monty's help and through her own strength she comes to have a voice of her own and chooses education over her current situation.

This book is wonderfully written and is a wonderful tool to show students that they can accomplish anything by going about it the right way and standing up for themselves.

I especially loved the way Traci Jones uses Patrice's surroundings,such as the wind and the facets of the salon to show time and again what she is up against and how she perseveres.